American small businesses, from a century-old clay mining company based in Georgia to a Utah-headquartered translation- management cloud platform, are using technology to tap global markets to support local jobs. The Global Innovation Forum interviewed small business leaders from around the United States to explore the role of internet- based marketing, sales, shipping, payments and productivity tools in enabling access to international markets and solicit their views on the importance of global markets to their business. Takeaways American small businesses and startups are exporting thanks to the internet. Small businesses that utilize internet platforms and services are more likely to participate effectively in global markets. In markets where these services are not fully available, U.S. small business exports are harmed. Each of the small businesses surveyed relied extensively on online technologies from e-commerce platforms and payments services to social media, cloud services and productivity software to operate their businesses. Regardless of industry or size or stage of business, company executives emphasized the importance of internet technologies in connecting them to customers and partners around the world. Internet-enabled exports are strengthening American small businesses locally and supporting American jobs. Executives interviewed for this report echoed a common refrain: Global markets are important to their local success and ability to create jobs in the United States. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 6 Global Innovation Forum