TAKEAWAYS & RECOMMENDATIONS The feedback from business leaders in this report suggest several takeaways and recommendations for U.S. policymakers: Takeaway 1. American small businesses and startups are exporting thanks to the internet. Small businesses that utilize internet platforms and services are more likely to participate effectively in global markets. In markets where these services are not fully available, U.S. small business exports are harmed. The American small businesses surveyed in this report all help explain how the internet is democratizing access for U.S.companies to the global marketplace. Over the last two decades, the internet has significantly increased the capacity of U.S. companies in manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and other traditional industries to reach new customers abroad. Founded in 1926, kaolin clay mining company KaMin uses a web- based platform to execute its global business, which supports internal planning,manufacturing,and order cash processes.Deering Banjo relies heavily on social media outlets to spotlight unsolicited endorsements by existing customers, while using cloud-based productivity tools to manage their increasingly global business and relying on an online presence in other countries to reach customers in abroad. Oxbow Animal Health monitors online feedback from their global network in response to new products and promotions. Their experiences mirror findings of the Boston Consulting Group, which estimates that small businesses that are “heavy web users” are about 50 percent more likely to sell products and services globally than those businesses who use the web less-intensively.6 Startups, which use technology intensively, tend to be naturally global. McKinsey and the DC-based 1776 incubator found that two-thirds of the startups they surveyed have customers in other countries and 86 percent had some global component to their business.7 Overall, “one-third of SMEs reported that they sell and deliver products and services online,while 46 percent sell products and services online that are delivered physically – nearly the same percentage as large U.S. firms,” according to the USITC.8 44 Global Innovation Forum