Counterfeit products are a big issue for Strider Sports in the global marketplace and have a significant impact on the company’s growth and profitability. “Even though our manufacturing is handled overseas, we are creating many great jobs in the USA– high paying sales, marketing, and innovation jobs,” noted McFarland, who explained that the profits from their global activities come back to their workforce and community in the United States. Strider sports has 32 full time employees in South Dakota and 10 overseas supporting their international operations. McFarland advises entrepreneurs interested in going global to be prepared early on for the additional resources, expense and time that goes along with the journey. He noted that regular communication and collaboration with teams overseas is crucial and easier these days, and points to tools such as Skype and Google’s suite of services as making it easier and cheaper to stay in touch with global suppliers, customers and partners. Getting paid upfront for international orders is also important both to determine valuable partners and to decrease risk from currency fluctuations. “The world is a big place and there is definitely business to be had in global markets,” said McFarland. RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA POP. 67, 956 In 2016, exports to FTA markets accounted for 71% of South Dakota 33 The New Faces of American Trade