SMEs account for 94% of New York goods exports Alex Deyhim, Founder and CEO of Advanced Design Consulting (ADC), and his team have been building custom complex scientific components and instruments for clients worldwide for over 20 years. Nestled in the Finger Lakes region in Lansing, New York, Deyhim and his team of engineers cover everything from design and manufacturing to the installation of complex systems for large government laboratories and corporations. The company offers a range of capabilities from manufacturing, testing and installing high-resolution extreme-ultraviolet-light (EUV) microscopes to writing, designing and building software, hardware and control panels to guide robots in industrial applications. ADC began at Cornell University’s Business and Technology Park and has established itself as a world leader in scientific and research markets. Today, while all the work is performed at their facility near Ithaca, they engage with clients and partners from nearly every continent. According to Deyhim, global markets are essential for his small business. Foreign sales account for roughly 50 percent of ADC’s overall revenue. Access to other markets “allows small businesses to ride the wave of an economy more easily,” he said, which is especially important when you don’t have the same luxuries of larger companies. “If one market goes down, let’s say Germany is experiencing issues or going through an election, you have business in Brazil or in South Korea or in Japan.” His business relies on the global internet to maintain an international presence. “Without it we would sink,” observed Deyhim, adding that “with the internet, the world is at your fingertips.” He advised that attending conferences is valuable and provides critical face-to-face experience, but that the internet provides a more cost effective way to connect with clients all over the world. Deyhim noted that the benefit is magnified for small businesses like ADC, which have less disposable income to spend on cultivating face-to-face relationships at international conferences. While advertisements in international journals helped ADC gain international exposure early on, Deyhim says his website, LANSING, NEW YORK POP. 11,033 ADVANCED DESIGN CONSULTING (ADC) MANUFACTURING & SERVICES | 23 EMPLOYEES | FOUNDED IN 1995 26 Global Innovation Forum