OXBOW ANIMAL HEALTH Guided by five generations of family farming expertise, John Miller has been developing unique, top-of-the-line animal care products for over 30 years. Built on the Miller family farm in Murdock, Nebraska, Oxbow Animal Health has revolutionized small animal nutrition by producing premium hays, specialty foods, professional recovery products, treats and accessories. Founder and CEO John Miller has suggested on more than one occasion that,“it’s part dumb luck that we ended up where we are today.” He attributes much of this so-called luck to the internet, which took off and allowed Oxbow products to spread through chat rooms and blogs worldwide. With nothing like it on the market, customers from all over the globe began placing requests to purchase their products. Todayits products are available in 30 countries globally,with foreign markets accounting for 25 percent of the company’s revenue with Hong Kong and the EU as the largest export destinations. While all of their operations are based in Murdock, the company does business with a number of partners in other countries that help fulfil their global distribution strategy. “From a marketing perspective, [the internet] has been essential to keeping the brand present overseas and to ensuring that our message is cohesive,” shared Lindsay Schmuecker, Global Sales Manager at Oxbow Animal Health. Schmuecker pointed to the company’s engagement on Facebook as particularly important to their international outreach. Schmuecker added that the company receives and takes into account feedback from their global network when they host live events or post new products on their page. The influx of international customers posed a new set of challenges for the Murdock-based company. Regulatory changes around the world is the biggest challenge for the business. “China is a market we feel has very strong potential for our brand, but we can’t import our products into the market because they are derived from Timothy Hay, which is restricted in the marketplace,” noted Schmuecker, who observed that the restriction has scuttled their strategy for engaging there. PET FOOD | 150 EMPLOYEES | FOUNDED IN 1990 22 Global Innovation Forum