DEERING BANJO Husband and wife duo Janet and Greg Deering have been manufacturing banjos for over forty years. Their philosophy is simple: build what the customers ask for with the greatest quality and value in the world. According to Greg, attention to detail and customer care has led them to be the largest manufacturer of Banjos in the United States, with a total of 49 employees. Rather than build a banjo that they believe the customer should use, Deering Banjo works closely with the customer to craft an instrument that they want to play. Deering Banjo’s global journey began years ago when Janet signed up to attend a music tradeshow in Frankfurt, Germany. “It only took about 3 years of that show to expand our exports to up to 30 percent of our business,” Greg said. While tradeshows remain important,the team emphasized the vital role that the internet plays in the company’s international business today. Jamie Latty,Vice President of Sales and Marketing, highlighted that internet search and analytics tools are cost effective tools to reach customers and gain insights into how to focus their marketing and outreach efforts. “Our customer base recommending us unsolicited by us to other potential customers over social media is probably the number one reason people keep coming to us and why our brand is growing so strong,” observed Greg. Many of the dealers in the company’s networks also have a large internet presence, which further adds to Deering Banjo’s international reach. Greg explains, “when we link with up with other people that are strong on the internet it allows everyone to expand and reap the benefit of all of that. It takes on a synergy that we couldn’t accomplish by ourselves.” Deering Banjo relies heavily on social media outlets, such as Instagram and Facebook, to increase their visibility among a close- knit community of banjo players. Latty underscored how tools, such as Hubspot, allow them to increase productivity by providing a comprehensive inbound marketing tool that binds together email, e-commerce and more. It allows the team to see everything in one area and take the appropriate action. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS | 49 EMPLOYEES | FOUNDED IN 1975 10 Global Innovation Forum