Understanding the Innovation Ecosystem

GIF convenes stakeholders to explore the policy foundations that underpin the ability of entrepreneurs, researchers, universities, NGOs and businesses to innovate and engage globally.


Promoting Inclusive Innovation & Development

Through its network, GIF explores the role of global economic rules in improving the inclusion of entrepreneurs, small businesses, development organizations and innovators around the world.

Examining the Rules of the Global Digital Economy

GIF investigates the implications for global innovators of regulation in areas including the Industrial Internet, Internet-enabled financial services, and consumer privacy.

Solving Global Challenges

A key goal of GIF is to understand how global innovation and trade policies can help address shared challenges from mitigating climate change to improving global health outcomes and digital literacy.


Housed under the National Foreign Trade Council Foundation, the Global Innovation Forum is able to leverage the resources and expertise of a century-old organization dedicated to an open, rules-based global trading system.

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Connect with Global Innovators

The Global Innovation Forum @ NFTC unites a diverse network of stakeholders engaged in global innovation

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